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Established in Year 2003, HOMELESS has been developed into a diversified lifestyle business with 10 retail outlets in Hong Kong.

HOMELESS is an iconic lifestyle store in Hong Kong, where furniture, lighting, home accessories and designer items come together under one roof. Having more than 10 retail stores since established in 2003 with its store name as HOMELESS.

The rationale behind for the name HOMELESS is for people to seek for accessories of which their home lack (less) of, another view is, all the items at the store are homeless waiting for people to take them home.

With an emphasis on designer products inspired by detailed observation, most of our originated design furniture are easily integrated or re-arranged that liberated its own creativity. From the wide variety of over three thousand items, you will find things that are functional but also fun to use, beautiful in details and out of the box designed, generally, objects that make you smile at heart! HOMELESS represents an attitude and style of life as well, you may discover different mix and match style of product settings in HOMELESS shops. This is the whole idea why HOMELESS position itself as quality lifestyle stores instead of traditional furniture or accessories stores as we believe what we are doing is all about inspiring people’s everyday life.